Camp Staff 2018

Procter Summer Camp, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, creates a place for children, youth, and families to grow in faith, sing, learn, play and pray in the peaceful farmland of London, Ohio. By demonstrating and encouraging Christian community we are showing daily what the world could be like. At Procter, the camp staff is intentional about sharing God’s love with one another and our campers; children and adults. We seek and serve Christ in all people with whom we interact at camp, modeling joy, respect, and inclusiveness.

Counselors are the primary caregivers for campers. Counselors are responsible for all aspects of the camp program, comprised of: cabin life, Christian formation program, and recreational activities. This includes planning, facilitating, coordinating, and cleaning up from activities throughout the camp session, guiding campers in their personal growth, faith life and daily living skills.

The camp Health Care Provider is a partner to the leadership team. They are a resource to the community, ensuring health and safety of everyone on site, and supporting the work of the counselors.

Serving on a camp is a formation experience in itself; while care and safety for campers is always a staff member's first priority, personal, faithful and professional growth results from serving and living in community.

Applications for the 2018 Camp Staff will be available in December.

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